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Looking Ahead

Our Vision

Highland Electric Transportation is a comprehensive turnkey solutions provider that delivers electric school buses (EVSB) to school districts and third-party managed fleet providers (3PMs). We offer a model involving financing, infrastructure, vehicle deployment, and maintenance in an easily digestible, budget-neutral format that enables EVSB acquisition at traditional diesel pricing. 

Our mission is to mitigate risk for our customers, increase EVSB market penetration, and deliver positive impacts across a broad spectrum of stakeholders: kids, communities, the environment, school districts, 3rd party fleets, technology manufacturers, electric utilities, and community choice aggregators (CCA).

How can we begin?

We handle all of the complexities of fleet electrification so you don't have to

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Highland Electric Transportation CEO, Duncan McIntyre

Duncan McIntyre


Rich DiMatteo, EVP of Capital Markets

Rich DiMatteo

EVP of Capital Markets
Marc Riccio, Vice President of Sales at Highland Electric Transportation

Marc Riccio

VP of Sales

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